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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Papercrafting: Mini Treat Boxes for Spring

One of my favorite things is a good box. (Also a good bag, especially with a zipper top and zippered pockets!!!)  It is especially good if I can make the box myself.  One place I find lots of tutorials for boxes, bags, cards, and many other paper-y things is Split Coast Stampers.  I highly recommend them!

Last fall they had a nifty little treat box tutorial that uses 6 by 6 double-sided card stock, a We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board, adhesive, a circle or oval punch, some ribbon, and a pair of sharp paper scissors.  I had all those things so I made a pink striped one.  I made it two different ways.  I showed both of them to Dear One who chose this one as his preferred treat box.

Here is a picture of all the materials except scissors, circle punch, and ribbon.  I brought everything with me on vacation except the circle punch and the ribbon.  Even though I visited Michaels and A C Moore yesterday I resisted the urge to purchase either of those items even though I had many little boxes ready to cut and put together.  Tonight when we get back from our foray out to visit local attractions, I will finish the corner rounding, then fold, cut, and adhere more of them together. 

Mini Treat Boxes:  supplies and stages of construction from plain squares to completed pink striped box.

Vacation is such a great time to do things without distractions!  I always bring reading and knitting and often other "quiet projects", though this time I did NOT bring my sewing machine and quilt project.  The last time I did that I did not get square one pieced together and there was a fair amount of flack about filling up the car with "my stuff"!  Since we got home from that vacation, I seem to have misplaced that quilt, too.  That really bites!


  1. Can you describe or show the steps of how to make those boxes?

    1. Yes! Will do. Probably next week. Right in the middle of packing up right now.


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