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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Concord Family History Day 2010 is complete!

What a good day it was today in Concord, NH!  For me the day started early...including taking some medicine to keep the coughing at bay, and it worked.  Something called Musinex DM I think.   I took it last night and slept for the first time in almost a week.  The coughing did not start up again until I was driving home.

When I set up for the blogging class all seemed well at first.  The Methots had set the room up perfectly with a screen, a table with a projector ready to go, a power strip underneath the table readily available, and an extension cord.  It could not have been a better setup.  We did change projectors to the one that I brought but that was all.

The only glitch in the system came when I tried signing on to Blogger.  That, and all social networking sites, had been filtered out.  I got on the phone to SLC right away but did not succeed in getting the filter lifted in time for the first class.  The five people in that class were kind enough to say that the presentation was fine and would get them started.  Thank you to all of you and your generosity of spirit to make me feel better.

Shortly after the end of the first class the phone rang and it was SLC calling back to say I had to call a different group for help, which I did.  After Paul checked the firewall box for me I was able to give the needed info to the new group and eventually we were able to lift the filter for the duration of the rest of the conference.  You can imagine my relief when Blogger.com came up on the screen.

On to the second class where we were able to set up another blog...the Windsor County, Vermont Genealogy blog.  I plan to post documents and data I find in town clerk offices in various towns in Windsor County in case they might be as useful to others as they are to me.

Sitting in on the Brick Walls panel was enjoyable and interesting to see the knowledge of the other panelists as they strove to answer brick walls questions that had been submitted on the website prior to the conference.  Harry and Ellaine had done a LOT of preparation and had beautifully documented answers to hand to some of the class members.

Home safe and sound now, and resolved to get really rolling on family history work again!

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