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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rainy Sunday

Today we came home from Church in a cold rain.  Because we moved out the old stove yesterday and the new one has not been installed yet we used the microwave to heat up some old soup.  Bob ate cream of butternut squash soup and I had sweet potato, corn, and kale soup.  They were both good.  He went home teaching and I took a nap until the phone rang.

Before HTing and napping we watched the birds on the porch for a while.  It was a fabulous bird day despite, or maybe because of, the weather.  We had blue jays, chickadees, sparrows, some little gray crested bird that we don't know yet, a couple of nuthatches, Mr. Cardinal and later Mrs Cardinal, and ***NEWSFLASH***a pileated woodpecker!  It was huge!  We had already had a small Downy woodpecker...at least that is what I think it was...smaller than the bigger Hairy woodpecker.  It pecked on a post on the porch then snuck in to grab a bite to eat from the birdfeeder!  Pretty funny.  A little later he was pecking on the window frame in the dining room.  Grandpa surprised him by knocking back...

The 'new' chair on the porch has been a great place to spend afternoons when the birds, and squirrels, are feeding.  So many birds come to visit.  It will be interesting to see who comes this winter.

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