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Thursday, October 21, 2010

So exciting! A blog and a podcast in one!

DearMyrtle's gadget/widget  which turns a blog into a podcast worked great on her blog so I tried adding it to this blog.  It works!  Yay!  Try it yourself!

Thank you again, DearMyrt!

OK, so I published this post and tried to listen, and IT DIDN'T WORK!  Having just told the world, or at least a bundle of my dearest friends about this success, my face is red.  Oh well, that is a pretty common occurrence for me...I botch so many things...In this case I really cannot figure out what I did differently to the post to make an error occur.  I have contacted the company.

The next newest post DID work!  At least for me...

If anyone reads this post, tries the "Subscribe to podcast" button, and it works...could you send me a comment?  Thanks.

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