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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Talking with DearMyrtle

A week or two ago I had registered for a webinar on the Legacy Family Tree website which was to be held last night.  When it came time for the webinar I was unable to connect and instead sat here working on this blog...with the afore mentioned lack of success.

Today I sent a message to DearMyrtle who read my message and responded very positively and quickly, even though she was participating in the FamilySearch Blogger event in Salt Lake City.  She shared with me her presentation at the webinar which I was able to study before the complete presentation was available at Legacy.  What a generous kind lady whose head is TOTALLY FULL of great genealogical and technological helpfulness. 

Thank you so much, DearMyrtle, for your invaluable help.

As I have been thinking about the Saturday family history day and the blogging class I am going to present, I have made some more concrete changes and hope they will be useful and helpful to all the people who come to class.

With good fortune I will add a new gadget or two to this blog.  Only time will tell...!

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