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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Morning After

Yesterday was a busy day: taxes to pay in Royalton and Tunbridge, errands to run in WRJ and West Leb, and finally:Book Group! 

The stove installation man did not come so we had another sandwich supper:  Bob had some baked tofu on toast and I had some corned beef on straight bread(i.e not toasted).  The lack of stove guy was a real disappointment since I had just spoken with the Whole Foods Market Commissary on Monday and learned how they make their lovely CHEWY tofu and was gungho to make some. (The Golden Sesame Tofu logs at Whole Foods in Beford, MA are delicious!) Oh, well.  Maybe today is the magic day for the stove.

Around 6:30 I left for carpooling to the Book Group (discussing "The Tipping Point") from J and A's house.  Saw the grandkids for a minute and loved C's new 'peanut" theraball.  He gets pretty wound up on it and then pitches over on his nose...not the best thing to do.  L was a bit distressed that Mom was leaving her. E was totally absorbed in Bear Grylls and his fire-making exploits.  (I may have the name wrong...the show is Wild something.) 

We had a lively and interesting discussion and had a great time looking at K's loom and work.  She does STUNNING weaving!  I am so very impressed.  She loaned me a book on double weave, which I turned on the light to start reading when I got home (AT ELEVEN O'CLOCK!!!! and that isn't even the latest Book Group has run....!) but I was so tired that I got little out of it except admiration for such beautiful work.

This morning I  awoke with a headache and feeling droopy and logey.  I guess that is a sort of Book Group hangover.

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