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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Less-than-Agreeable Start

Today was another day...beautiful sunshine, quite cold out, but glorious.  Usually I ease into the day but today I popped out of bed, threw on a house-dress and went out to start the day (mainly because I had left so many kitchen things undone last night.  Dear one mentioned that our birds were disappointed. Blamm!  I had totally forgotten I was going to re-fill the feeder before bed since they are hungry as soon as dawn breaks...so I quickly filled the feeder, spilling only a few dozen seeds in the closet at the same time...and as soon as I replaced the feeder on its bracket along came some chickadees and a bluejay.  So nice to see them back.  I would be so sad if they gave up on my inconsistently filling their feeder and moved off to the neighbors.

This week so far I was out six hours both Monday and Tuesday and today I am so glad to be home, didn't get out of bed until 7:30 (up for quite a while at 2 AM, though) and went right to work instead of earlier mentioned easing into the day.  Have now filled the dishwasher after breakfast, sliced bread that I made on Monday so you know it could be better than it is, but put it into the freezer...will make great toast, then emptied all the compost from the refrigerator. I am sure you never have  furry friends in the refrigerator, but unfortunately I do.

It always makes me crabby to waste that food, which then makes me crabby that my clientele would not eat up the food when it was fresh, which THEN makes me crabbier still that I made more food than we would eat in one meal.  Vicious circle...just because I wanted to clean the kitchen totally today...!  R-r-r-r-r!  So I am sitting at the computer trying to calm down, which is why there have been several posts in a row today!

While getting ready to go to the upper regions (where the computer is, as well as my workroom) I remembered I had purchased some upholstery tacks yesterday so I could try using tacks and my tack hammer to complete the re-upholstery of the chair I started in June.  I had tried using the electric stapler to put on the welting and the cardboard strip to make it firm.  COULD NOT DO IT!!  The staples would only go partway in. I tried laying the chair on its side and really leaning into the stapler when ejecting the staple but that did not work either.  I sent out an email to see if anyone had a pneumatic staple gun with a narrow nose (there are some on Amazon for about $100, though the one I would really like is $250) that could be used.  Mike Amsden in West Rutland posted some wonderful YouTube videos on re-upholstering a wing back chair, which is what I have -three of them, in fact--to re-do)  but no one had one available, SO I thought I would go back to the tacks and hammer.  Well, I have the tacks, but the hammer seems to have disappeared.

On my trip to the cellar to try to find the tack hammer my eyes glanced out at the wall unit and I saw glass pie plates I thought I had given away.  YAY!  I need those. I want to make some quiche for lunch with some nearly-compost spinach.  Maybe I should close up shop on this complaining post and get to work on lunch.  I DO like quiche so lunch will be better than breakfast, for sure!

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