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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Grandchildren are the BEST!

Yesterday I was scheduled to take care of two of our grandchildren while their mom had an appointment.  Because they were going from one appointment to another, I met them at the second appointment.  The baby had fallen asleep so I stayed in the car with the kids.  L had a LOT on her mind and jabbered in great shape the entire time.

We had a great time.  L told me it was ok for me to talk in a loud voice because baby brother would stay asleep even if I did not whisper.  Well, he did for ten or fifteen minutes then woke up with a start and a smile.

L requested that I read a few of her books, which I did, then asked me to read some of the baby's books.  At that point she must have felt some rumblings in her belly because she asked for her Cheezits.  We looked in her backpack and I pulled out a bag of Wheat Thins.  No way!  She wanted her Cheezits and those were not Cheezits...so, being the nice grammie that I try to be, I started searching on the floor, under the seats, etc, then went around to the other side of the car and opened both doors to look there.  Finally I picked up their mom's gray Time-Out-For-Women bag and there were the Cheezits safely in the bag. L was VERY happy and thought I was a wonderful grammie.

As we were talking, I was knitting on a two-color hat for G.  L knew I was knitting and told me she wanted a hat with pink hearts on it, and could I make one, please?  THEN she said baby brother had a nice warm jacket but he needed a hat and mittens, too, and could I make them for him.  He wanted a green and black and orange hat.  Well, maybe not black, but green and orange would be great, and maybe purple...!  Well, we shall see.  I am pretty sure I have a ball of Paton's Classic Wool in a variegated scheme that has green and purple and orange so...

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  1. Great little stories. Can't wait till we come out in the summer! You will love my big 3 year old.

    Anyway you can make the blog text space wider? It seems really narrow.


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