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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Barbara Walker Afghan Project Squares 6-10

Twisted and Crossed Ribbing

Square six is twisted and crossed ribbing.  This was interesting to knit.  Cast on 46 stitches.

Garter and Ribbing

Square seven is a garter and rib pattern.  Cast on 49 stitches.  This is a little strange but you learn some things about garter ribs all right!

Rose Fabric, vertical. Looks prettier horizontally

Square eight is called Rose Fabric. I really like this one.  I think it would be great for making a sweater for a little girl in her favorite pink and purple...though this will not probably happen while the little ones still like pink and purple!  Cast on 30 stitches.  This is the last of the knit-purl combinations.

Horizontal Chain, vertical with MANY MANY errors. Some people have not shame...and post bad handwork anyway

Square nine is the beginning of the Mosaic patterns.  It is called Horizontal Chain and you cast on 45 stitches.  You have to pay attention on this one to keep the colors running true.  You will notice I did NOT pay close enough attention.  Still--high tolerance to errors...

Diagonal Chain, also vertical.  Looks better in horizontal position.  DEFINITELY will look better blocked.

Square ten is Diagonal Chain.  Cast on 46 stitches.

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