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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sushi at Home!

A couple of weeks ago a wonderful lady at church invited us over to teach us how to make sushi.  I love vegetable sushi with soy sauce and a TINY bit of wasabi for dipping.  I will purchase this sushi when I am out at the grocery store for a neat and tidy snack to eat in the car on the way home from errands.  Once I tried making it myself and it was a disaster.  Not so now!

M made her sushi rice and had laid out bowls of multiple fillings, some of which were fish-y things.  Since dear one is a vegetarian, I decided to make vegetable sushi consisting of nori, sushi rice, lettuce, carrots, and avocado.  I made seven rolls of that kind then made three rolls of avocado, carrot, and tofu strips which tofu I had pressed well for a couple of hours then sliced and cut the other way so the pieces looked like french fries.  After sauteing them for a few minutes in canola oil, they looked even more like french fries, and had the real bonus of being chewy, not soft and icky.

This is how the sushi looked when I plated it for the youth group meeting at our house:

Sushi Project before
One of the boys saw the sushi and got up from where he was sitting, walked across the room and asked me in the sweetest voice if I had made that sushi.  When I said yes he gave me a big smile and a happy thumbs up!  That pleased me greatly as I had not known if the kids would even eat the stuff.  I just wanted to have something a bit more healthy to go along with the cake and brownie bars.

After the youth discussion was over and the closing prayer had been said, the kids leaped to their feet and descended on the plate of sushi like a flock of locusts!  This is what the plate looked like within a very few minutes!  AND they seemed to eat it without the soy sauce, making it even better for them...

Sushi Project: After

Oh, they did eat the cake, too...

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