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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Barbara Walker Learn To Knit Afghan Project, Squares 16 and 17

FINALLY!!  The last of the mosaic patterns!  So glad to be finished with them  This one is square 16, which is called Double Scroll.  It requires casting on 43 stitches.  It is a fairly simple pattern.  Can you find the error?  It, like all the others, will benefit from a severe blocking...

Double Scroll
The first square in the next section, a second slipped-stitch section, is called Woven Tweed.  It is square 17 of 63.  It is one of the simplest yet in terms of memorizing the pattern, every other row being a purl row.  This pattern proves that when planning a project, checking gauge with EACH part of the afghan, or other, project is a critical part of the process.  This block is WAY larger than most of the others, which vary in size only a little.

Cast on 45 stitches.

Woven Tweed, photographed vertically for some unknown reason...maybe the lateness of the hour...!

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