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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Paperwhites in January!

A dear friend gave me a boxed pot of paperwhite bulbs on December 1st.  The directions said to place the bulbs just so in the pot, after reconstituting the "dirt", and then watering regularly.  In 8-10 weeks the blooms were supposed to emerge.

Well...in early January they emerged!  Such a lovely surprise.  They have a very heady fragrance which permeates several feet in all directions. I have them sitting on the triangle behind our kitchen sink where they are a sweet reminder that spring will come here, even though today the snow is melting in the cold rain and it is generally gray and icky outside.  It is only a few degrees above freezing.  I am hoping the roads will NOT be icy as we head out to church later on.

January paperwhites in the midst of winter bring a sweet reminder of spring to come.

Friends make the world a joy-filled place.  I am so grateful for all my well-beloved ones around the world, and especially for the one who gave me such a friendly gift of spring in the middle of winter.

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