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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Papercrafting: Love You Bunches Card

Recently I became a Michaels arts and crafts store teacher.  Last night was my first time to teach at a brand new store.  The project was to make a greeting card with a bunch of roses.  The roses were created from a circle of  colored card stock which were cut in a spiral design then rolled up.  This was new to me.

Here is a video on how to do it.

The one thing I did when rolling the paper to make the roses was to begin rolling the paper from the outside (which you need to do) but wrapping it around a cotton swab to help it roll tightly.  I would have used a knitting needle except I did not have one handy, if you can believe that!!

On the card  I used small adhesive circles to keep the brown paper cone together, then used  larger adhesive circles to attach the roses to the cone.

This was a fun project, and pretty quickly done.  If you live near a Michaels store, check out their classes. I am going to attend a painting class myself next week!

This card could use some more decoration.  At least it seems pretty stark to me.  When I make another one I think I will use an embossing folder to add texture to the card.  Well, probably will cut a card, run it through an embossing folder, then attach the rose bundle to the embossed card and finally  attach THAT to the card base.  Also, I think I will make five roses next time...

In case you cannot read the little tag that has been tied to the bunch of roses, it says "Love you bunches".  I did not think that up myself...

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