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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Charity Knitting: Seamen's Church Institute

If you have yarn, and if you have needles, and if you have patterns, and if you have time, you will be able to do a lot of good knitting for good causes.  One of my recent favorite charities is the Seamen's Church Institute.  It warms my own heart to make items for these men and women who serve on the seas.  My own brother was on the sea for several years which is why I became interested in the first place.

Here is a picture of a box of slippers (Nola's Slippers) and a hat (the 1898 hat) that I put in the mail today.  It makes me happy to serve in this way.  When I get my house in order I will have more time for knitting. I think.  I hope.  So many good causes.  So much yarn ready to go!

Three pairs of Nola's Slippers, one other pair of slippers, and one 1898 hat.

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