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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Early Morning Walk--starting at the gardens

Well, not that early since I took a while to read emails before I left  but it was before 7 AM.  Here are pictures from the gardens.  Because there are so many I will put the other pictures in a new post.

Lodi apples 16 June 2013
Basil in salad garden

Brandywine tomato in growbox

Chives in salad garden

cilantro in salad garden

cucumbers in salad garden

deer track in growbox!!!!!

deer tracks in the wax beans in the growbox!!!!#@$#@

Leeks in growbox

Marigolds ready to transplant into growbox

Rutgers tomato in growbox.  Do you think it will make it?

Zucchini, Black-seeded Simpson leaf lettuce, and Sugar Snap peas in salad garden

Zucchini in growbox

Wax beans, marigolds and radishes in salad garden

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