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Friday, June 21, 2013

Second Harvest!

On Saturday, 15 June 2013, we harvested three items:  red leaf lettuce, baby spinach leaves, and cilantro!  This is so exciting.

The original garden was put in on 3 May and only one or two spinach plants came up.  The harvested spinach came from those plants.  The red leaf lettuce was from transplants I found at Longacres and planted before the last frost but covered them.  The cilantro is from starts I found at Home Depot and also planted early.

This is very good news: harvesting.  The bad news is that A gave us three fingerling potato starts to plant which I set in the garden but did not get to put them into the ground.  They are now gone, as are a few of the wax bean leaves.  This gets my goat.  I should have planted them immediately.  Never mind the rain and the fatigue.  The only good potato news is that on Wednesday I was at the growbox in the field and found two of the ten potato plants I put in almost three weeks ago had come up.  Yay!

Disposition of today's harvest:  Dear One ate the lettuce and spinach with sugar sprinkled on top and said it was good.  The cilantro went into some salsa verde!  (Click on the link for the recipe...) It is pretty good, but not as good as the Herdez salsa verde we got in Mexico, you can't beat that, but for homemade with a YouTube video as guidance, I call it cilantro well spent!

Applesauce cooked in the pot

Applesauce after sugar and cinnamon added
 We were given some apples that needed to be used immediately and since I was rather tired I just peeled and cored the apples, threw them into a heavy saucepan with some water, covered them and put them on medium low heat.  I then went upstairs to some computer project, forgetting all about the apples until I came down again and could smell them, and hear the little valve on top of the pot jumping!  Fortunately, the medium low heat was just right.

The report on the applesauce is that it is "Good".  That is good news.

Now back to do the dishes.

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