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Saturday, June 8, 2013

People are Funny! At least, my people are...

Today I was on a binge of refrigerator and freezer emptying.  This can be a good thing.  It can also be a bad thing.  Many things can happen:  a delicious new recipe can be created; an old favorite recipe can be improved upon; a container of compost-to-be can be put in the compost bin; or, as in this case, some lovely fruit ice cream can be prepared and consumed.

You might also call it a smoothie, if you were of that mindset.

Now to the funny part:  in our house if it is not obviously grilled cheese sandwiches,  green salad-with DARK green lettuce, please, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, or some other totally mundane and absolutely identifiable meal that is placed in front of person or persons at the table, the question is always asked:  "What is THAT?!"  Any new and delicious and healthy recipe elicits that response, and spoons and forks are ever so hesitatingly thrust into the dish. 

No, no, no!  What am I saying!  There is not "thrust" to it...just a tiny little dip into the dish and a miniscule amount of food moved onto the tongue where it might or might not be swallowed.  Very discouraging for an adventurous cook.  Well, perhaps it is not quite as bad as that, but pretty close.

So, as I mentioned, today was a great day where some changes were needed in the refrigerator, so...out came the Greek yogurt I made last week.  Also some very pulpy orange juice I purchased with smoothies in mind, AND some crushed strawberries.  That was a good start.

BlueberryStrawberry Smoothie sitting on porch railing

On to the freezer where there was a big bag of frozen Maine blueberries and a bag of frozen bananas.  Perfect to add to the smoothie..so I hauled them out.  Plumped everything except the bananas into the Cuisinart which we have loved for thirty years (had to have it refurbished once, but it still cost less than a new one of almost any size and out is a very large Cuisinart) then got out a knife to work on the frozen bananas.

For the recipe, click here.

A WORD TO THE WISE:  when you have bananas that you cannot use up before they "go by" and thereby decide to put them in the freezer---TAKE OFF THE SKINS FIRST!!  Peeling fresh bananas is very easy then just plop them into a zipper bag or other solid container.  Peeling a frozen banana is NOT as much fun, and not easy at all.  At least, these were not easy.  I used my Cutco knife which is very sharp (no, I did not injure myself with the knife) and hacked off the top and bottom then started slicing down through the peel.  Yes, it did work, and I did remove all the peel, however, while holding the second banana for peeling, I think I developed frostbite!  Some very cold spots that sort of burned turned up.

Well, anyway,  bananas peeled, I sliced them and threw them into the Cuisinart as well, and gave it a whirl.  After about two minutes of grinding away on the frozen and fresh foods, a lovely smoothie was created.  So I filled three glasses and delivered two of them to their recipients....and now we FINALLY get to the point of this post---when Son #4 received his glass, what do you think he said?  Yep, you are right:  "What's this, Mom?"

People are funny.  In my opinion.  No me, of course!!

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