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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

PACC White Bean Hummus

At a wonderful get-together a couple of weeks ago, Amy made some absolutely delicious white bean dip.  She very kindly gave me her recipe.  It turns out I did not have the exact ingredients, and since I had cooked some dried white beans, adding a little baking soda as they soaked--though since then I have heard I should have left the soaking water with baking soda with the beans and cooked them with baking soda water--which I drained then cooked until the beans were soft, I really wanted to make some bean dip.

Seeing several recipes for hummus I thought I might use bits of each recipe to make something edible.  IT WORKED!    Go to Grammie's Kitchen and Bedtime Stories for the recipe!

This is a picture:

This hummus is not really wet as it looks...just the result of bad photography.

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