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Friday, June 14, 2013

Early Rising

Another early morning rising...2:14 AM this time.  Since I could not get back to sleep I crawled out and up to the workroom where I finished the middle strip of a cotton coverlet I am knitting on the Bond Incredible Sweater machine.  Two of the four side strips are already completed.

It turns out that all three strips are of a different length!  Gr-r-r-r!  What to do?  Well, since the middle one is the shortest, I decided to unravel the longest side and pick up stitches along both edges of the shortest side until two of the three strips are of the same length then knit the remaining two sides in a seam-as-you-go.  I think I can do it.  I am edgy to get this done as it is part of the preparation for family reunion in less than a month's time!

Very kind people gave me two buckets of cotton yarn, which is why this is happening.  As for the rest of the yarn, I think I have enough cotton yarn to make all the dish and face cloths I plan for the rest of my life!

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