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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Barbara Walker Learn to Knit Afghan Project: Square 22

Square 22, called Diagonal Weave, is a simple and rather quick knit.  There are seven and a half pattern repeats.  It is possible to have memorized the pattern by the end of the second repeat making the knitting to take on very speedy progress.

Cast on 47 stitches.

There are 59 rows before binding off in purl.

Square 22: Diagonal Weave hot off the needles.  Notice how it rolls up due to the stockinette stitch background.
 There are multiple methods for blocking knitted wool projects.  This time, since the pieces are rather small, I have dampened  a bath towel and rolled the piece to be blocked inside and let it sit quietly by itself for one hour.  The advantage to this method is that the wool fibers soften up, relax, and do not get sodden with water so they dry out/block out faster.  If the piece to be blocked needs some serious blocking, i.e. stretching, then the "really wet" method probably is a better bet.

Wet towel with the square rolled up inside.
Diagonal Weave peaking out the end of the towel....

This is a block that I do not particularly like and do not expect I will ever use it beyond this project, but it is rather striking.

Diagonal Weave after an hour in the "dampening" towel, prior to actual blocking.

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