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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Barbara Walker Learn To Knit Afghan Square 24

Square 24 is called  the Cottage Check block.

Two colors are used for this square, one light, one dark.  There are a  multiple of 4 stitches plus 3.

Cast on 43 stitches.

This square was knit differently from other squares as sometimes the work needed to be turned and knit back and sometimes the work needed to be slid to the other end of the needle.  Because of this a circular needle, preferably a 24-inch circular needle, needed to be used.  A long double-pointed needle could have been used but I did not have one long enough in the correct size for this block so it was a circular needle for me.
Square 24 on the blocking board...bottom side up!
 The square was a little (but ONLY a little...) challenging to knit in that there was no chart and I had to keep my eyes on the book.  Eventually I photocopied the page and held it on my music stand with magnetic strips.

There are twelve rows in each pattern repeat.  Each one took me about thirty minutes to knit.  There were five and a half pattern repeats to make the square.

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