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Monday, April 14, 2014

Crafting Today: Flowers for hair clips

This month we wanted to give a gift to each of the ladies at Church who visit other ladies at Church to bring messages of comfort and spiritual uplift in these times of trials and sometimes grueling mundanity.   In the Relief Society in our Church we call the ladies who visit other ladies Visiting Teachers. 

Sometimes the visiting teachers present a lesson. 

Sometimes the visiting teachers wash dishes or sweep a floor or run a load of laundry. 

Sometimes the visiting teachers hold a child to relieve a weary mom. 

Sometimes the visiting teachers just listen. 

Always the visiting teachers share love with their sisters.

Sometimes their own lives are so hectic and demanding they do not get to visit at all.  In that case,  they at least contact their sisters by phoning, emailing, texting, or sending a note.  Any way they can share their love for, and bless, their sisters.

This month to give a little encouragement I made a little card which said, "Let LOVE blossom in your heart for your sisters this month".  On this card was clipped a hand-made flower crafted from  either fabric, yarn, or ribbon.  They were VERY hand-made and pretty awful really....if you compare them to the flowers made by the fabulous YouTube ladies,  Alina and Emmie,  who showed us how, however they were MADE with love, and hope to CONVEY love to the recipients.

A variety of flowers in a variety of media...

Several things were learned during this project:

1.  Things may not be as easy as they look when an experienced person does them!

2.  Hot glue guns produce VERY HOT glue!

3.  Cool glue guns ALSO produce pretty hot glue!

4.  Wood-burning tools create instant flesh destruction when inadvertently touching a finger!!!


Here is a photo of the basket of handouts ready to go:

A basket of "flower clip cards" ready to hand out...some of which are rather smushed.
This project was enjoyable (except for the burns) and made me happy as I thought of the possible pleasure the floral clips might give each visiting teacher and the hoped-for end result of each visiting teaching contacting her assigned sisters this month.  Sharing the love is such a sweet thing.

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