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Friday, April 11, 2014

Food Today: Bunny Baking Powder Biscuits

It was time to make food for the Seminary kids today.  Since I awoke shortly before 4 AM I decided to do better than cheese and crackers...so I tried to be a little creative.

Since baking powder biscuits are quick and easy and taste really great with butter and jam, I thought that would be a winner.  We had some sourdough starter and some buttermilk so I made some very nice biscuits if I do say so myself! 

After more thought, I decided to make them bunny-shaped sweet biscuits.
Bunny biscuits baked on parchment paper
To make these biscuits I added about one-half cup granulated sugar to the recipe that uses 4 cups of flour.  That amount of sugar takes these biscuits to a new level!  They were even better because I brushed them with melted butter and sprinkled them with cinnamon-sugar before baking.  That had its pluses and minuses!

The main minus to these bunny biscuits was that the biscuits I baked without the parchment paper had an issue with the cinnamon-sugar burning where it had drifted to the bed of the pan.  It was a very sad thing.  The bottoms also became a tad too brown (or as we used to say when the kids were little:  too chocolate-y!

Bunny biscuits baked without parchment paper....

These biscuits are ready to eat!  They did entirely disappear within a very few minutes.  That is always satisfying to provide something the kids find edible...

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