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Friday, April 4, 2014

Genealogy Today: Software can be a bear....

In the last few months I have been introduced to several pieces of software that are purported great for use in genealogical and family history research, recording, and sharing.  What a great idea!  Sadly, at least one piece of the software may be beyond my capabilities.

Those new-to-me software packages are Evernote, Camscanner, and Flipboard.

Evernote is an application that I acquired more than a year ago and only used briefly at the time I downloaded and set it up.  I liked the idea but did not do much.  Recently I have found, and begun using, the Evernote Web Clipper.  It is fantastic!  Just a perfect help for all things online.  I love it.

Camscanner is a little app which I use with the iPad Mini that Dear One gave me when he was moving on to something else.  I do like this app.  I have been mostly successful with it, taking photos of documents and doing a bit of cropping, but nothing fancy. I believe there is more to the app for me to learn, and I probably will.

Flipboard is a much more recent find, and so far, totally escapes me.  I have one magazine set up but cannot see how to set up another one on a different subject. I also do not see how to add content to the hopefully-new-magazine.  Watching tutorials on YouTube so far I have not yet mined the information that I need. 

I do hate to have technology get the better of me.  I am not planning to be defeated by it, so will spend more time.  I think it can be a useful tool in gathering online data on a particular subject in one place for easy access.  At least, that is what I understand I should be able to do, but....not so far!

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