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Monday, April 28, 2014

Travel Today: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

We were sucked into buying a timeshare five or six years ago.  We did it because we had only had one vacation in the first 35 years of our married life. We felt if we had the timeshare that we would take a vacation each year.  WELL....it has worked most years...

So we now have vacations.  The timeshare we purchased is in Mexico but we cannot always take care of the timeshare costs PLUS buy airplane tickets so we have been going to vacations where we can drive.  This spring we are using a week "leftover" from last year.

We are in West Yarmouth, Massachusetts, on the Mid-Cape area of Cape Cod.  We have a little cottage which has two small bedrooms, two small bathrooms, a kitchen/dining room/living room, a front door and a back door, plus parking spot, barbecue grill, and lawn chairs.  Nice.

This cottage is listed as sleeping 6.  Dear One had his "stuff" (luggage, etc) on one of the twin beds in the second bedroom.  My stuff is in the tiny closet, on top of the TV cabinet/bureau drawer unit, and all over the kitchen and living room!  (I brought the Plus Sign quilt to put together this year.  Last year the sewing machine needle broke on the first stitch so I packed everything up and put it back in my luggage.  This time there have been other issues, but I am determined to carry on...!)  We think this cottage is just about right for two friendly people!

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