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Friday, April 18, 2014

Barbara Walker Learn to Knit Afghan Square 31

Square 31 is called Twisted Panels.  There are panels of 5, 6, and 10 stitches across the block.  Because this is a mock-cable design in twisted stitches, both left and right twists, it is best to knit this block in a light plain color.

There are multiple ways to knit the left twist and the right twist  For the left twist, I chose to skip one stitch, insert the right hand needle into the back of the second stitch to knit it, then come forward and knit into the skipped stitch then dropped both off the needle at once.  For the right twist, I skipped the first stitch, knitted regularly into the second stitch (keeping that one on the needle) then knitted the skipped stitch and dropped them both off the needle and carried on knitting.  The first few times this was a little awkward but very soon it became automatic and easy.

There were 48 stitches cast on to make this panel of twisted stitch designs.  It took me about twenty-five minutes to knit each pattern repeat.  There were six and three-quarters pattern repeats ( total of 54 rows of knitting).

This pattern is one where I would have appreciated a chart, too.  Having become a chart reader, I find them much easier to knit with fewer errors than a dense line of knit 1, purl one, left twist, right twist verbiage!  Having said that, it was not hard to follow the pattern and it makes a pretty nice block.

Square 31-Twisted Panels...unblocked.

This was a pretty enjoyable square to knit...easily finished in two days since last night was another wake-up-at-2 AM-and-no-going-back-to-sleep-for-hours night.  I was able to do well over half the block to get it finished before trying to sleep again.

Now:  on to the the cables!  I love cable patterns.  I love the feel of them. I love the spectacle of them.  I love how gorgeous they can be when finished.

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