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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Knitting Today: More Washcloths

Several ladies in our church are moving on with their families, mostly because husbands have finished schooling.  We are so very sad to see them go.  We will be having an evening together to share memories and bid farewell.  Some of us decided that a gift would be in order, but nothing extravagant.  What could be better than a washcloth, perhaps with a special soap, or even better, some maple candy!

So, I have been knitting the last week or so.  One of my favorite round cloths is called the Cherry Pie Cloth.  It is a simple cloth to knit, especially if you are actually paying attention to what you are doing!  The pattern is easily memorized.  You just have to make note of the row on which you are knitting.

Here are seven completed cloths:

When I finished the first few I thought they looked very spring-like.  Later on I thought they looked like jewels...that was when I was knitting the red one (garnet) which does not show up here due to having been knitting when I was paying more attention to something else and ended up with 18 stitches being knitted rather than the 15 that are required.  Well, in my defense, another round cloth I make DID have 18 stitches and followed the same format...

So...there may be enough of these cloths but I may continue on since they are fun to do and I need to sit down every so often and don't like to just vegetate.

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