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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Travel Today: Vacaton Over, time to hit the road to home...

We spent a nice week on Cape Cod.  The weather was not stellar but we still had a lovely time.  Dear One did some hiking most days (mostly flat trails...) and a long bike ride for the first time in years another day.  I walked on the beach in the heavy mist a couple of times, went to the Yarn Hound in Dennis to participate in their charity knitting afternoon, and worked on the Plus Sign quilt most of the time.  Next year I will leave sewing machine and quilts at home!

We packed the trunk early in the day so we could get a quick start off the Cape.

There was not room enough in the trunk so we packed the cabin of the car as well.

Next vacation I think we will do things differently.  In an ideal world, we would take a few changes of clothing and a credit card!

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