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Monday, May 19, 2014

Sewing Today: Plus Sign Quilt Update

It is almost always fun to try new computer software.  You may wonder how that can possibly relate to the title of this post, but it does work, really!

Today I received an email from Evernote, a piece of software I use for genealogy research and also for internet surfing.  One of its most useful capabilities is the option for selecting parts of a webpage to clip/save.  I love to clip recipes, and oh so much more.

Well, apparently Evernote also owns a little app called Skitch.  I wanted to try it out so I downloaded it to my iPad Mini.  I then found a photo on my Camera Roll for trying.  Once I had tried it for about two minutes I made this little orange mark-up on the picture, "shared" it to my email, then downloaded to my MacBook Pro's Download folder...just because I am a little clunky/old-fashioned and wanted to write this post using the MacBook rather than the iPad. 

It worked like a charm!

Here is the first trial using Skitch!  You will notice that I have already shown you this photo in a previous post.  This time I have circled the error for even easier visibility.  Notice that Skitch also lets you put in a caption for your photo.  Nice touch.  Of course, the advertising is not ideal, but...

Now on to the new!  Below you will see the Plus Sign quilt all laid out.  Of course, the last few rows are not sewn together yet, just laid there so I could see if I could recoup from the error shown above without restitching.  As you can see, I could mostly do that.  There is one heavily blue area but I decided to let it go.

The quilt is now 21 squares by 20 squares.  That will make a difference for the surrounding bands that I had planned.  It will probably measure about 40 inches by 42 inches.  We shall see once it is stitched.

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