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Monday, May 5, 2014

Travel Today: Provincetown and points South

We arrived back in West Yarmouth late last night after driving home for little brother's wedding, an event which was so sweet on very many levels.  Because we were late back and arose later than we should, we did not participate in the pancake and sausage breakfast at the resort but instead headed off to Brewster for church.

Church was lovely as always, particularly so when we found Dorcas there!  Dorcas and I made plans for the week, some of which actually happened!  As I was "touring" around the church after meetings I came into the Relief Society room where I found a lovely flower afghan. I NEED to find that pattern!  I would love to make just that type of blanket sometime after the unfinished projects are done...probably a very long time from now....!

Floral afghan in  Brewster Relief Society room

After church we headed east on Route 6 stopping in Chatham at the Coast Guard Station then moved up the peninsula to Provincetown.  We were amazed at the narrow streets and the many shops.  We just drove through and were grateful it was NOT summer!  The traffic must be deadly during that time of the year.

Chatham Coast Guard station

Nice spot to watch the ocean and seaside birds cavort

Description of Mayflower landfall plus cutaway of the ship
Mayflower Landfall

We stopped at one lighthouse, I think in Chatham but it could have been near the Three Sisters Lighthouse in Eastham.

Lighthouse from a distance from the car!

We stopped at the Pilgrim Monument, went in and found it was quite costly to walk around in the museum, gift shop, and monument itself and since I would not have been able to do much of it we confined ourselves to taking a picture of the thing!  There was a note inside that said, "Of course you can climb to the top!  This 94-year old man made it all the way to the top and so can you."  Right.

One view of the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown

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