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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Travel Today: Lunch at The Brazilian Grill!

Dorcas and I met in early afternoon and went to The Brazilian Grill in Hyannis.  Dear One and I had stopped the day before so I could investigate the salad bar to see if it would appeal to him.  There really were many vegetarian options but they were a bit more esoteric than the plain fare we have at home.  It looked really exciting to me but he chose to remain home.

When Dorcas and I arrived around 1 PM there were a few diners in the restaurant, especially right next to the table for two where we were lodged!  No problem.  Very shortly after we sat down our first gaucho arrived with lamb!  It was my first bite of lamb. So very delicious.  Sadly, the lamb never arrived again.  I should have asked for it.

Meats that did arrive were several kinds of steak, some pork, some Brazilian pork sausages, chicken wings, chicken hearts, chicken livers (I think), steak with cheese stuffed in it (my least favorite), and something else that I chose not to eat but cannot now remember what it was.  We hardly were able to get to the salad bar because of the procession of gauchos and meats, but we did make a break for it at one point when another table was being "meated".

The salad bar was filled with many dishes...one of the most attractively served was the roasted carrots.  They were delicious as well.

The spicy peanut sauce was good on EVERYTHING!  I will have to find a recipe for that stuff...

Besides green salad-y things there were platters of potato salad, chicken salad, bulgar salad, quinoa salad, sliced tomatoes, cheeses and a cheese and cold cut platter, beautiful bread, fruits, and a whole hot table of things like stuffed fish, chicken saltimbocca which had such a lovely name that I tried it.  It was good.

The hot table also had kielbasi, tortillas and several kinds of bean preparations, as well as beef stew, another soup, and braised oxtails!  I had not seen oxtails since the last time my mother made oxtail soup lo, these many years ago.  I had a tiny dab in memory of Mother's delicious soup.

We spent quite a while visiting during and after eating.  Finally the wait staff brought a lovely little dish of swirled whipped cream drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with a birthday candle.  The three of them sang a birthday song (I assume...) in Portuguese.  Very sweet of them to do. I do think it was a final signal that they wanted us to clear out, but we did not feel compelled to do so as there were no other diners in the place at that time!

After eating until we had had enough we headed out for a drive around the several local towns.  Dorcas is a fabulous tour guide.  We went down little streets which opened up onto lovely ocean vistas. We drove around corners which suddenly gave us fabulous views.  We saw so many beautiful homes of all sizes.  We even stopped at the Sturgis Library which is said to have a wonderful genealogy collection. I later found this to be true.

After several hours of "driving off our lunch" we headed back to Colonial Acres.  It was such a lovely afternoon in every way.  I was ready for a nap, though, when we returned to the cottage.

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