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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Art Work: Grandson B's Picture

When B and L were at the Church accompanying their mom, a Cub Scout leader, and their brother, C, the other night, they came to the Family History Center where I was doing some genealogy research.  B asked if I had any paper. I found him a pad of recycled paper.  That was great!  Next he asked for a pen...which I was able to supply after looking around a little.

This is the picture he drew:

B on the left; Grammie in the middle; Something else I cannot identify...

As he drew, he was talking, reminding himself of the parts he needed to include in the picture.  When he came to the Grammie picture I heard him say, "Two round eyes, and a GREAT BIG SMILE."  That was so sweet and really touched me.  The frowsy hair was right on!

He did mention the rectangle on the right, but I did not grasp what it was.  He is four and has very good language skills, BUT we were not on the same page.  It was obvious from what he said that I should absolutely know what it was....

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