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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Gardening: Blackberries in September!!! Really?

Last year Dear One purchased four blackberry bushes and planted them in a sunny spot along the edge of our field.  He placed a thick wooden stake to mark them and perhaps keep the lawn mower away from the tender little shoots.  As of this date he has been successful in this hope.

Every so often I have looked down there to see if the plants were still alive.  Yes.  They were.

Two days ago I went out to hop in the car which was parked in an unusual spot, near the blackberry bushes. I saw something white and wondered if a butterfly or moth was plaguing these plants. I went over to get a closer view.

 This is what I found:
What?!  Blackberries blossoming and fruiting in September?  Apparently.

This second photo shows  some more berry fruit that has set.

More berries on the right of the photo...
Now, I wonder....will the fall last long enough to actually ripen this fruit? Quite an exciting thought.

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