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Monday, October 3, 2016

Newsy Bit: Nature Comes Calling!

For years now we have seen wild turkeys in our area.  I have wanted to take photographs but usually have been driving when I we saw them.  Today THERE THEY WERE!!!  Walking through our backyard.

My shock and pleasure kept me in my seat watching them until they were mostly past.  I realized I could finally get a picture so I leaped up and got the camera.

Here is one of several pictures I took through our screened window.  This picture is less that lovely but it shows that we had wild turkeys walking RIGHT THERE!!!  So exciting.  If I had gotten up quicker, maybe I could have gotten a picture outside. It would have been clearer.

Wild turkeys outside our window!

Some day I will actually learn how to use software to turn a photograph into something better...

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