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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Traveling on Friday in “Leaf Peeper” Season

Things frequently do not work out the way I expect them to.  For example:  traveling on Friday during Leaf Peeper Season!  This is the story.

Dear One and I were at the end of our vacation weeks.  We had traveled to Virginia Beach for a week with my sister and her husband.  We had a wonderful restful time with them.  On Friday of that week we headed north to Galloway, New Jersey for another week.  A week where we expected to visit a cemetery and do family history work. That did not work out.

At the end of that week, another restful one, even though disappointing on the family history front, we headed towards home.  I was going to make a presentation at a family history conference an hour and a half from home on the Saturday so we stayed overnight in the area of the conference rather than traveling three more hours on the day of the conference.

We expected to spend four to five hours (we did need some comfort stops, after all!) on the trip.

WELL…we left New Jersey at 10:19 AM.  We arrived in Brattleboro, Vermont just before 7:00 PM!  NOT four or five hours.  The travel was very heavy and very slow in several sections of the road.  In fact, I looked down during one of the slow spells near Hartford, Connecticut and noticed that rather than driving along at the 5 miles an hour we had previously been driving, we were actually flying along at 14 miles an hour!  Making real progress then…

When we crossed the line into Vermont we REALLY needed a comfort stop, so we pulled into the Vermont Welcome Center.  We were FLABBERGASTED at the number of cars that were in the parking lot. I wondered if there would be any spots available in the comfort station. (Fortunately, there were, because the need was critical by then.) 

The trees at the Welcome Center were really beautiful so I resolved to take a few photos on my way back to the car.  This is one of them:
Tree at the Vermont Welcome Center in Brattleboro area.

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