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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

GENEalogy and Family HiSTORY: Note from grandchildren

Some time ago I was staying with the local grandchildren while their parents were out for a little much-needed time away.  There were many activities we engaged in while I was there:  watercolor painting, knitting, reading books, telling stories, watching a little "show", etc.

At one point I was getting started on making supper. I like to make plant-based things sometimes, and do that if I have come prepared.  On this occasion I believe I was making a plant meal.  The youngest two children disappeared upstairs for a while.  After quite a while they returned and handed me the note in the picture.

The four-year old had dictated it to the six-year old.  I found it sweeter than sweet.  And their faces as they handed me the note!  I wish I had had a camera at the ready.  Well, the picture is in my heart.

Today as I am cleaning out and organizing, I took pictures of a number of paper items, and then put the actual items through the shredder. I have not been able to shred this piece of paper...

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