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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Newsy Bits: Long Visit in the Emergency Room BUT ALL IS WELL

Don't spend even one second worrying. I am fine.  Just had to follow up on a troubling bit of pain in the wrong place.

After blood work twice, EKG, chest X-ray, and finally an exercise stress test, I was sent home in good shape.  Another heart scare.  Another time it turned out to be nothing.  Well, not nothing, just not something to worry about.  So I won't.  I probably won't go back again with the same pain in another year or two, if I remember this time....

Another instance of poor photographic techniques, and to show my emergency room bracelet to verify what I just told you....!

Did a little shopping for groceries on the way home, including getting a salad and some chicken...falling off the plant wagon. I had not eaten nor had anything to drink in 24 hours and was shaking and headaching so I went for quick and easy.  The orange juice was good, too!

Arrived home and remembered I had planned to turn the dehydrator on this morning to finish the apples I had put dehydrating yesterday but turned off at bed time. I checked them and turned them on again.  They need a few more hours. I am going to chance waking up in the night and shutting the dehydrator off then.

It probably was a good thing to have spent this day as I did.  I am sorry for those who knew about it and were worrying. The one good thing that came out of it was that I learned (in the stress test) that I can walk a lot harder than I normally do.  That is a good thing.  I hope I remember that tomorrow and go for it.

Well, happy trails to all! I am going to hit the hay now...

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  1. Speaking of trails... I can confirm that we can walk (hike) a lot harder than we think. Ive proved that out here in the Rocky mountains. My pace is much faster than most, and I love to chew up elevation gain. Good genes Mom ;). Glad to hear you're well.


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