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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Knitting: Heart Baby Blanket

Not too long ago I was emptying a binder of knitting patterns...ones that I decided I was never going to knit up so I did not need to keep them anymore.  One pattern caught my eye: it was titled Heart Pattern.

Since I had been given some lovely soft yarns I thought I would give it a try. After all, it was around Valentine's Day...and what is not to love about heart patterns?!

When I tried to find the creator of the pattern I found a very nice lady named Stephanie.  She has a blog called And She Knits Too! 

Look to the right side column for the Heart Scarf pattern.  It turns out to be very simple and easily memorized.

What I did differently is that I held two strands of worsted weight yarn together and used US size 15 needles. I did three pattern repeats in the body of the work with garter stitch edges.  For some reason I started out with K2, P2 ribbing for a couple of inches.  No idea why, but after the first pattern repeat I decided not to rip back and start again. Usually I do rip back.  Anyway, this will be a lovely baby blanket for some baby who is coming up.  I will probably do 8-10 pattern row repeats, depending on how it looks.  I also have several different colors of yarn and will just work in the new yarn as I finish each skein. There is one sort of golden yellow which I will use as the ending yarn.  In between are some browns and greens. I think it will look unusual and maybe nice.  Hopefully nice.  If not, I will donate it to the animal shelter for a soft cat blanket....

You can see that this is not block and that I have just added in the first strand of brown at the top.

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