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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Fiber Work: Handles and Zippers Installed on Felted Bag

Years ago I was very interested in felting projects.  I just loved knitting things and then felting them.  They are and were so useful.  Not all my projects were finished.  Some were never even started.  (A dear friend who had lived in China noticed one of my felted bags and commented that some people in China wore felted vests or jackets. I always wanted to make him one.  It never happened.)

Here is a bag that, I think, started out with a knitted oval.  Stitches were then picked up and knitted up, increasing along the way.  At the top a couple of inches of the red stocking stitch were knitted then folded over.  A sort of three-needle bind-off happened, though I picked up stitches to bind off at the bottom of the red band of stitches.  This is my memory of how it happened. If I make another one sometime...probably lots smaller...I will report on it.

This morning I found a long-enough heavy zipper and installed it along with some rather garish too-long handles...but I can use this with the handles across body like a messenger bag with those long handles.

Another project:  DONE!!!

That is what is making me happy these days:  finishing projects.  How many more are there?  Don't know but as I find them, I will see what I can do to move them along towards finished...

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