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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Michaels Free Class: Sunflower with Colored Pencils on Wood

Last week we had a free Michaels class using wood and colored pencils.  R and K arrived at the class at just the right time.  It was wonderful to have people come to the class.  Particularly it was nice that R and K came to class.  They are lovely people.  Our evening together was just great.

Here is R's sunflower:

She chose this wooden frame that appears to be made of balsa.  It was a fine surface for the pencil work.  If you could see the picture close up, you would be really really impressed.  She is a wonderful artist.

K drew and colored a "hobbit door".  It, too, was wonderful. So intricate and perfectly drawn so you felt you could just lift the latch and go on in to meet whatever hobbit was at home.  I am so sorry I did not take a picture of it to share.

This was the wooden plaque with pencil coloring on it.
R suggested laying down more color to improve it.

I think she was right about the extra color.  In fact, when reading over the instructions for the class again,  they did mention layering many layers of color.

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