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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Michaels Class--Floral Shadow Box

Another not so great photo, but you get the idea. (The background is actually just the book paper you see...)
Tonight's class at Michaels was making a floral shadow box.  It was easy.  It was pretty quick.  It was definitely fun.  It was also something I had never done before...so even a rank novice can do it.

Supplies needed were a 6 by 6 shadow box frame, some scrapbook paper for a background, some floral foam, some bright green moss, some small flower stems, and a wooden sentiment.

Scissors, hot glue, clear liquid glue, and a foam knife.

One thing I discovered is that hot glue does not hold on glass.  Something I did not know at all. I thought hot glue was the cat's meow, but no.  I used some clear strong craft glue.

Since this is a Michaels class I cannot give you the step by step directions, but it is pretty obvious.  I will say that after removing the back from the shadow box and covering it with the same size scrapbook paper, in this case it was book paper, it is an easy matter to cut the floral foam to fit then place the various parts along the glass and top of the floral foam.  The hot glue works really well to glue the moss to cover the floral foam.

Using hot glue to attach the inspirational sentiment to the glass at the front of the box seemed to work, but when the glue dried the sentiment fell off.  Out with the liquid craft glue!!  That worked really well. 

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