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Monday, May 1, 2017

Munchie Monday: Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs!

Several times I have tried recipes/instructions on the internet for various food items.  Hard boiled eggs is one of those food items.  The last time I tried a "quick and easy hard boiled egg method, easy to peel" was a massive failure.

The instructions had you put the eggs in the microwave for a certain amount of time.  In this case, it was 5 minutes. I don't remember the other directions, but I followed them exactly.  Except that I set the timer to 3 minutes instead of 5 minutes.  At 2 minutes 55 seconds there was a loud "pop" and a crash.  The eggs had blown up.  So had the microwave.  Dear One was not AT ALL impressed with my egg-making abilities.  Buying a new appliance was not what he had budgeted at that time...

Well, fast forward six or seven years to the present day.  Today I decided to try "perfect hard boiled eggs in the Instant Pot."

The directions for these eggs say to put one cup of water in the liner bowl.  Put the raw eggs (still in the shell) in a basket inside the liner bowl.  If you don't have a basket,  use the little trivet that comes with the Instant Pot.  I put one dozen eggs in the bottom of our basket then put on the lid.

The next instruction says to press the Manual button (this gives you high pressure) and change the timer to 5 minutes.  I did this.  When the timer goes off you are supposed to let the Pot cool down naturally then put the eggs in cool water, peel them, and enjoy them.

This worked really well....EXCEPT that I was doing something else....moving stuff from one floor of the house to the other floor of the house...and did not notice the timer until the Pot had been cooling down for 25 minutes!  Oh well. 

At one point when I was still near the Pot I had heard a popping sound.  I figured right then that this was going to be another "fail", but that was not the case.  When I pulled the basket out there was one broken egg shell.  I filled the pot with cold water.  Two eggs floated to the top...never a good sign, so I pulled them out for the compost pile.   By cracking the large ends of the shells, I peeled them quickly and cleanly.  That was really nice.  The only fail here is that there is the green/blue ring around the yolk and the whites are listing towards orange. This is entirely due to the length of time I was away from the pot.  I am convinced that if I had only let the pot cool down for 10 minutes all would have been perfect.

To try these eggs out, I mushed up an egg and poured on a little bit of leftover Orchid's Cool Tangy Noodle sauce.  Pretty good.

Slightly beige eggs, but still very edible.

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