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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Vacation Fun: Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary

We do not often do the expensive tourist-y things on our vacations.  So far this vacation we have done more low level things...except for going up Cadillac Mountain.

Today we visited the Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary on a wet cloudy day.  There is a boardwalk for people with walking issues.  There are many trails to hike.  At this time of year there are mosquitoes the size of a large crow.  Because of that, I abbreviated my "walk" and dove back into the car to avoid more  of the flying monsters.  Only about two of them entered the car's cabin with me...

In one of the habitats we passed we found this owl.  I thought he (or she) was very beautiful.

There is an owl called the "brown owl".  I think this might be one of those but I could not stay out and breathe in more mosquitoes long enough to find the documentation about this owl.

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