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Monday, July 25, 2016

Failure, or Start Again?

My Fitness Pal helps me to keep closer to the straight and narrow path health-wise.  It is a website/web tool that helps you track your movement and your food. You can use it on your computer as well as on a mobile devise.  Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to knowing what is actually happening in your life rather than what you think is happening or even what you HOPE is happening.  My Fitness Pal is your friend in this effort.

This application helps you quickly record things like weight, exercise, food consumed, even various measurements.  Quick and easy.  The app very clearly shows you what you have done which helps you in your daily choices.

Well...I have been recording in My Fitness Pal for quite a while.  In fact, I have done it EVERY DAY for 162 days.  Until yesterday.  I did not do it yesterday. What a bust.  I have not done ANYTHING that many days in a row in my whole life!!  So...today I am in a small dilemma:  do I just look at myself as a failure and throw out the whole thing? OR  do I pick myself up from the heap on the floor where I threw myself is disgust and disappointment, and start again?

Failure, or New Beginning?

Well, since I did not know I was a failure (having not recorded food or weight or exercise yesterday) until I opened the app to put in my new, and better, I might add, weight number early this morning,  I guess I have already begun again. I think I will compound that new beginning by going out to take a walk while it is still cool and misty.

Rats!  Not long ago I was imagining to myself what a coup it would be to have recorded every day for a whole year.  Well, pride goeth before a fall it says in the Holy Bible. I even THOUGHT about My Fitness Pal once yesterday but it was not convenient at the moment to stop everything and record.  Oh, well. Into every life a little rain must fall...

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