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Monday, July 11, 2016

Newsy Bits: Hacked...

Not long ago I received an email from a friend in Bolivia asking me if I really sent "that message".  I looked at the message.  Immediately I wrote back that I had NOT sent that message.  One minute later his wife called to tell me that he had just received a message saying that I HAD sent the message so he wanted me to know that the hacker still was active online.  What a shock!

Well, it was shocking to be hacked.  Even more distressing to know the guy was still there.  Only one good thing came from this experience:  some lovely friends with whom I had not communicated in ages sent messages.  That was nice.

Not so nice was having to change all my passwords.  Dear One had a program that lets you have one main personal password then all the other website passwords were sort of descendants under that password...with all new passwords.  I had intended to make these changes but had not gotten to it yet....  Such a hassle to make all those changes.

Upshot of this experience:  it is a good idea to have impossible-to-hack passwords.  Long, with letters, numbers, and other characters.  I hope my new ones fall under that category...And I hope yours do, too.

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