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Friday, July 29, 2016

Food Friday: Spaghetti, Kale, and Eggplant

In the interest of saving money, using what we have on hand, and trying new things, I concocted a supper last night that I really liked.  Dear One ate a large-ish serving, too!  Of course, I did NOT tell him what he was eating until WAY later!

Recently the (sort-of) local Hannaford has been selling spaghetti in pot-size boxes. I love that.  No need to break the noodles up, spreading a fair number of the strands on the floor...Hannaford had these boxes on sale recently for a good price, under a dollar a pound, so I purchased eight of the boxes.  Last night I used some of one box for the first time.

1/3 pound pot-sized thin spaghetti
1 small Vidalia onion, chopped fine
1 tablespoon coconut oil
2 leaves kale, stripped from rib and chopped fine
4 stems fresh basil from the garden, chopped fine
1/2 eggplant, sliced, sauteéd, then mashed
1-2 cups prepared spaghetti sauce (don't know for sure how much...more than one cup, probably less than two cups--this fed two people)

Start cooking the spaghetti in well-salted boiling water.  It will probably be cooked in 5-7 minutes, but check to see if you like the tooth.
This is all that was left after Dear One ate.  I consumed it with relish/glee/delight.  So yummy.

In a large cast iron skillet melt coconut oil.  Add onions and sauté until transparent then add the finely chopped kale and basil and stir until soft.  Add the mashed eggplant and spaghetti sauce and stir well.  The mashed eggplant disappears into the sauce. Taste the sauce and correct the seasoning. You might want to add some granulated garlic or other stuff, but check before you do it.  No need to make this inedibly salty...

Drain the cooked spaghetti then put noodles back into the cooking pot.  Pour the sauce over the pasta and stir well.  Serve. Either from the pot or in a pretty serving dish. Add cheese if you must but it is perfect without.

Dear One thought he was eating spaghetti.  When he had finished and I told him, he said he had been hoodwinked. But he said it with sort of a smile.  Well...he ate some good food that was healthy food and good for his innards.  Even if not for his un-adventure-some brain!

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