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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Watercolor Painting: Lupins

A friend and I have decided to paint together.  She would like to try her hand at a landscape.  I volunteered to download some of The Frugal Crafter's YouTube watercolor tutorial videos because I have seen several of her landscapes which look very do-able.

While searching for those landscape tutorials I found this Lupin video that I thought I would try.  Mine does not look like Lindsay's at all, but I am beginning to become comfortable with not comparing myself, in any way at all, to others and/or their work or being.  This life is a one-time journey.  Comparing ourselves to others sets us up for unhappiness  and distress.  Why choose to be less upbeat than we can be?  I choose happy!

You will notice the white at the top of the painting.  If you look closely you will see stitches there.  I am using the beautiful book Daughter made for me with marvelous 140-lb cold-pressed watercolor paper.  I have decided I will use that for much of my painting, unless I plan to send something as a post- or other card, or unless I need a larger piece of paper for a potential painting.

Painting is fun.  Just do it!

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