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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Watercolor Painting is Fun!

This time when we got together with Ann to paint, we worked on a floral arrangement.  There were sunflowers, delphiniums plus nice red unknown-to-me blossoms on a long stem, some white also-unknown-to-me blossoms on a shorter stem, and nice greenery.

Well...do you think I could paint those things?  Think again!  I could not.  Especially when comparing my work to Ann's. That is REALLY foolish, but even when comparing my painting with another class member's beautiful flowers, mine were less than stellar.  The good news is:  I still had a good time, and, being watercolor, I can go back and re-paint spots I want to make better.

Second class with Ann.

Even though the expertise level is very close to nil,  I still like this painting.  I may cut it out of the 9 by 13 sheet of 140 lb cold-pressed paper and turn it into a postcard.  Maybe I will try putting it in a vase, but that is pretty risky...

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