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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Genealogy: The Genealogy Guys and Genealogy Connection

Finding family is one of my favorite things.  Genealogy podcasts can be  such a boon to family hunters.  They give lots of information on "how to" many different genealogy topics.

Today I went for a walk in the sort-of-early morning humidity.  While walking I was listening to the Genealogy Connection #003 podcast, an interview with Jen Baldwin about using social media in genealogy research.  Well, sort of.  Drew Smith and Jen Baldwin spoke of many things, most of which were known to me, but in the smallest  bits.  This made me want to sharpen up on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media tools to help locate some people I am trying to find.  Thanks, Drew and Jen!

When I got home, I logged into my Twitter account and found it was still active! Hallelujah!! I have not touched it in ages.  Maybe I will get my Twitter/genealogy act together and begin working it!  See you there!


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