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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Handwork: B's Knitted Dinosaur

Two weeks ago I spent a lovely two days with the local grandchildren.  B, the youngest, asked me if I had brought my knitting.  I had because I was expecting to help 9-year-old C with his hat knitting project.  B then asked if I would make him a dinosaur.  Well, how could I refuse that sweet request that was accompanied with a very merry smile?!

So, we made a trip to see Grandpa, and I picked up some yarn that could be used for a dinosaur.  I had found a pattern on Ravelry and was pretty sure I could accomplish it.  The pattern was for a Diplocaulus,  not a dinosaur I had ever encountered before, but what the heck!  I could give it a try.

Because this looked like a smallish creature I decided to use a double strand of worsted weight yarn (I have a LOT of that weight and am trying to use it up...) and some size 11 needles.

Diplo lying across the couch cushion.  He is a big guy.  Almost as long as B is tall.
It was a fun project.  I brought the finished 'saur to B at Church.  He dropped what he was doing and gave me the most glorious huge happy smile and reached for the Diplo. I am so happy I did it.  An elderly lady friend saw it and asked if I could make HER one!  Isn't that the nicest thing!

A few minutes later I had returned to the front of the chapel to prepare for teaching Sunday school.  B came up, put his arms around me and gave me the sweetest kiss.  What a lovely little boy.  Even if his mom reminded him to do it, though he might have come on his own hook.

Feet and body detail.  Of course the short front legs are an error but I did not feel like trying again...

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